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Barramundi Juvenile Feeding Vortex

One of the unusual behavior traits of juvenile Barramundi is this vortex swimming where they slowly form a rotating column and rise off the bottom toward the surface once feed has been added to the tank.

Our system feeds every 20 minutes and we use a mix of pellet sizes to over-come the cannibalism. This procedure has proven to reduce sorting time and assists to produce a far more even growth with low mortality. We developed the technology and it will become industry standard.

Here we see 20,000 fingerlings in 10,000 litres of saltwater. This was our first such experiment. Survival was better than 80%. The technology is now driving Coral Trout Research.

Barramundi Culture



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Exciting results with the "Pod Aquafarming" Design have demonstrated a final barramundi culture stocking density of 180 kilograms per cubic meter which is indeed commercially viable.

How is that possible you ask?

The Pod Aquafarming Design has no oxygen injection nor do the fish become stressed in the environment. Our mortality is consequently very low.

Now that's aquafarming and that is the best barramundi culture system available.

Next we hope to conclude culture experiments with Coral Trout fingerlings which we would expect within the next 2 years

Already barramundi cod fingerlings are available with table prices somewhere between $30 and $40 dollars per kilo.


Barramundi Culture = $500,000 per module

Barramund Cod Culture = $1,500,000per module

Coral Trout Culture = $1,750,000 per module


This POD Project was shut down as the Farm (Coral Coast Mariculture) went into liquidation.




















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