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Hi. Welcome to my new book REGRAV. I find writing an extemely rewarding experience except when a flood carries away your research. This labour of science fiction love survived and I am very proud to offer it up today. It is 'rich on many levels' and revolves around change, in attitudes, in energy supply, in space travel and finally in the way humans treat humans, mostly. And there is also some future aquaculture on Mars and the dusty old Moon. So buy a personally signed copy in paperback from the old grey author. K J Gordon. Oh, Regrav is a term first used by Nicola Tesla to describe anti-gravity and basically, that is what the book ponders. A world with free energy.

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Benefit From Kel Gordon's Experience

Here are a few Comments

Kel Gordon Fish Breeding

This is a picture of the first successful female Barramundi spawner in Western Australian Aquafarming.


"In 2000 Kel Gordon was the first person in WA to successfully spawn Barramundi while working at the Broome TAFE as a lecturer. He achieved the first and second successful spawning of Barramundi in Western Australia. Kel was on the team for six weeks. The three million dollar hatchery had been unsuccessful for nearly two years..(true statement)

Those progeny became the backbone of the Lake Argyle Aquafarming Industry. "Kel improved hatchery spawning procedures and protocol." (M. Johnston)

Barra mundi Fingerlings



In 1985, as a second year student, Kel Gordon was the only person in the Southern Hemisphere to successfully spawn cold water abalone. During the same year his experiments designed to artificially fatten broodstock oysters with 'baby formula' were simply incredible. Oysters were in spawning condition in 14 days. Later as an established fish farmer he lectured on warm water aquaculture at UTAS Launceston. (N. Forteath)


In 1989 Kel's silver perch fish farm designs were 20 years ahead of their time. Forget fisheries, his recirculating silver perch aquafarm in Taree was the best I'd seen in the country. (W. Widowski)


In 1994 Kel was a guest aquaculture person for the Government in Hubi Province China. His expertise in fish transportation and knowledge of Australian Native species greatly assisted with the introduction of Silver Perch and Australian Bass. (Ass Prof. Wang Jaxii Wuhan)



Kel worked with us in Fiji in 2003. His help in setting up our aquaculture lab and assistance in our coral aquaculture projects was greatly appreciated.

While here Kel caught wild P monodon and successfully spawned females on site in our facilities, which incidentally, he constructed.

(Tim Mcloud, Walt Smith International Fiji)


I met Kel Gordon when he became managing aquatic biologist for Cumminscorp Limited early in 2006. His understanding of recirculating processes was the main reason the aquaculture park was able to function. His ability to manage staff and impart aquafarming knowledge gained him considerable respect.

(D. Dunk)



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ASA-PAll Copies Damaged in Queensland Floods- Out of Print

Aquaculture Solutions Australia:

Kel Gordon's Aquaculture Solutions Australia is not another how-to aquaculture book. It is a careful analysis of factors to maximise your aquafarming returns. As a new approach, the book defines commercial aquaculture as aquafarming and represents a different way of looking at aquaculture. Aquaculture is a profitable business and those profitable pathways can be identified. Aquaculture Solutions Australia 'The Book" $265.00 AUD. Only available from the author.

Contact the Author ....or.....Post Cheque to PO Box 250 Mudgeeraba Qld 4213.






Kel Gordon's Australian Silver Perch Farming - Maximising Aquaculture Profitability? This covers it all from 'where to start' to site selection, earthmoving, pond construction and design, pond dynamics marketing strategies and most aspects of farming to maximise profits.


This aquaculture book also includes small hatchery design as well as the how to profit from running your own hatchery. The self sufficiency/sustainability aspects will amaze you. Much more than the free articles on this site.

Australian Silver Perch Farming 'Maximising Profitability' $327.49 AUD.

Contact the Author ....or.....Post Cheque to PO Box 250 Mudgeeraba Qld 4213.