Aquafarmer Training Program


Aquafarmer Training Program

Training in RAS




Aquafarmer is about to launch an intensive aquaculture training program designed to provide commercial application skills to hatchery and pond culture.

A further course will be introduced next year covering RAS System production based on the sustainable aspects of Kel Gordon's POD designs and Large Scale RAS Farming.


The concept is to provide competancy training in multi species hactchery technique and associated pond management. This course is provided on-site at our commercial fish farm and hatchery, over a period of two-three weeks.

Barra Fingerlings

The Aquafarmer Intensive Training Course provides efficieny and confident and practical application in multi species fish breeding.

Broodstock Management/Collection & Permits for Wild Stock/Genetic Issues

Spawning Requirements (Due to the time period must be specific to individual species)

The Hypophysation, HCG/LHRHa Injection Process (and various associated commercial protocols)

Egg Management

Larval Rearing

Live Feed Production (standard tank designs and production of algae, rotifer and artemia cultures)

Green Water Pond Culture System

Commercial Hatchery Processes



Hatchery Applications Course Information

Species will include, Coral Trout, Barramundi, Australian Bass, Siler Perch, Golden Perch, Jade Perch, Eel Tail Catfish, Whiting, Sand Crabs, Oysters, Abalone, Shrimp Species, Marine Coral Aquafarming, Goldfish, Koi, Fresh and Saltwater Weed {macroalgae production} Algae Production (mircoalgae) .


The Aquafarmer's Aquaculture Training Course is accredited with commercial production outcomes, it is privately funded and limited to four persons per session. Each Hatcchery Session costs $10,000 per person although partners and on-farm groups may qualify for 50% discounts.

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